ACTIV TRAX – Commit to be Well!

FREE to Findlay YMCA Members!

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sept-2016THE Findlay YMCA  is excited to launch a new innovative program to members call ActivTrax beginning in  September. This new program is called “Commit to be Well”. This new program, with all its unique features, will help take your wellness to a new level of success!  Some Y’s charge  an additional program fee up to $35/month for this service.


We are delighted to offer ActivTrax FREE with your membership.

 Members love using ActivTrax  to track workout progress, develop a new work out plan each training session, guide nutritional needs to be healthy and much more. 


 This appointment is designed specifically for members who want to incorporate resistance training in their exercise routine. Our Wellness Staff will discuss your goals, create a program that’s right for you, setup your ACTIVTRAX profile and make sure that you’re comfortable using the equipment.


 Your Commit To Be Well appointment is not a high pressure sales pitch for personal training or a medical type of appointment where you’ll be poked and prodded. You don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable or embarrassed; you won’t be asked to do anything you don’t want to do.


EVERYONE! Whether you’re new to exercise or in tip-top shape, our Commit To Be Well appointment experience is an opportunity for us to get to know one another. Whether you want to lift weights, take classes, play sports or have some other interest in mind, we want to make sure we do our part in helping you get started on the right foot.


  • Establishing Your Strength Baseline
  • Creating Your ActivTrax 
  • Profile
  • Reviewing Our Activity
  • Schedules
  • Answering Your Questions
  • Making Your Feel At Home


 Members who attend their first appointment within the first two weeks of joining are 6X more likely to achieve their goals.

 Let’s make sure you’re one of them …

Make your appointment today!