Findlay YMCA Annual Support Campaign

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2017 Annual Support Campaign Co-Chairs

Kerry Kirk and Christian Pedersen

Your Y.  Your Year!

2017 Goal $110,000
Raised $149,352 – 135% of the goal achieved.

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Jennifer TreeceDevelopment Directorjtreece@findlayymca.com419-422-4424

$1,000 + Donors

Alexander Family
Alvada Construction, LLC

AR Marketing

Cooper Tire and Rubber

Creative Plastic Concepts, LLC

Bills, Chuck and Dee Dee

Brimley, Bruce and Anne

Buckland, Cheryl & Larry Manly

Buis, Tom and Ann

Findlay Rotary Club

Davis, Paul and Jane

Devene, Dale and Dally

Dimech, Inc.

Donnell, Tom and Kate

Edds, Robert

Precor Inc.

Fifth Third Bank

Finlay, Brent and Julie

Fisher, Bev

Hamilton, Linda and Doug

Heminger, Gary and Jane

Jones, Ginger and Jeff

Kirk, Joe and Diana

Kirk, Kerry and Pedersen, Christian

Kirk Family of Companies

Koehler, John and Robin

Kohl’s Distribution Center

Lai, Amy and David

Leister, Michael

Leland, Mike and Jackie

Livingston, John and Kay

Meyers, Greg and Beth

Miller, Bill and Gail

Needler, Michael Jr. and Bethany

Nichols, Rod and Barbra

Old Fort Bank

Ostrander, Chris and Dina

Palmer, Sarah and Paul

Patterson, Ben and Amber

Peiffer, Garry and Kathy

Pepsi Bottling Group


Preston, JJ and Alissa

Preston, Vern and Debby

Reach Sports Marketing Group, Inc.

Reinhardt, Alec and Sandy

Robertson, Brian and Jane

Routson, Reginald and Barb

Stall, Jamie and Julie

Stearns Companies LLC

Taylor, Edward and Melinda

Valfilm, LLC

Weaver, Robert and Marjorie

Whitman, Jeff

Younger, Charles

Zaciewski, Tom and Samantha

$250 + Donors

Burnside, Craig

Cindric, Jof and Kathleen

Cones, Josh

Davis, Edwin and Ruth

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Doone, James

Dotson, John and Molly

Erner, Jana and Martin Hanawalt

The Findlay Publishing Company

First National Bank

Gutman, Chris and Michelle

Gibbs, Brett

Hall Trucking Express

Hammer, Bridget and Robert

Heminger, Kurt and Sue

Hendershot, Candace

Hixon, Tony and Kerry

Hull, Greg and Beth

Jones, Larry and Patty

 Kemp, Tom

Kisseberth, Christy

Klein, Tom and Betsy

Laurita, Brandi

Longberry, Brad and Sherri

Malaney, Scott and Margaret

Martin, Brad

McMath, Jeff and Tracy

Michel, David

Millstream Area Credit Union

Rioch, Scott and Lori

Roth, Stephanie

Russel, Grant and Susan

RCM Architects Inc.

Shrader, Jeff and Elsa

Strathman, Joe and Cindy

Templin, Don and Carrie

Thomas, Denise and Graham

Treece, Jennifer and Alex

Vick, Matthew and Lisa

Webb, Chris

Worstell, Paul and Patty

Younger, Scott

Up to $250 Donors

AT & T

Barnhill, Joyce

Bentley, James

Bischoff, Gary

Breed, Cheryl

Brown, Mike

Brown Supply Company

Brubeck, Robert

Bryant, Kristi

Cameron, Kimberly

Cardwell, Jonathan

Carnes, Michelle

Collette, Anni

Collins, David

Copeland, Monica and Jim

Craun, Paul

Davis, Duane

Domachowski, Steve and Andrea

Duke, Brigitte

Durham, Nona

Fagan, Patrick

Fishpaw, Erin

George, Hollie and Duane

Glass, David

Hutson, Lorraine

Jefferies, Lena

Jones, Marvin

Langlois Family

LeBeau, Stephanie

Malinowski, Janice

Miller, Les

Montgomery, Vicki and Byron

Moser, Liz

Novak, M

Palmer, Sarah and Paul

Palmer, Carl and Zan

Pifer, Marilu

Preston, Debby and Vernon

Reidling, Lance

Robb, Carol

Rowe, Puck

Routson, Julie

Roynon, Valerie

Sadowski, Pat and Brigette

Schwartzkopf, Maria

Seffrin, Cynthia

Shaffer, Anna

Spikes, Troy

Steffan, James

Steffan, John

Stevens, Micah

Stubbins, Harry

Svoboda, Stephen

Treece, Janette

Trevino, Marcello

Urbanski, John and Jackie

Walton, Rod and Candi

Whitaker, Anthony