Membership Rates (Tax not included)

Youth 10 yrs-HS $10 $12.53  
Young Adult 18-26 yrs
$25 $26.21  
Adult $50 $43.92  
Forever Active Adult 60+ yrs*** $50 $43.92  
Single Parent $70 $53.14  
Coupled/Family (Kids FREE!) $70 $66.56  
Forever Active Family 60+ yrs*** $70 $66.56  


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 Membership Information

  • All children under the age of 10 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while in the building.
  • Youth: Age 10 yrs and older, still in high school
  • Young Adult: 18-26 yrs
  • Family: Legally married adults and all dependent children living in the household, providing the dependents are under 26 and attending high school or college on a full time basis. Foster parents and/or legal guardians caring for children in place of their parents will be considered parents for the purposes of this membership.
  • Forever Active Adult & Family Membership: Age 60 & older-includes all wellness water classes at no cost.

FEIF: Fitness Equipment Investment Fee – Revenue collected will be used to invest in new wellness equipment at both branches. 

*Fitness Equipment Investment Fee All monies collected will be used to continuously invest and update wellness equipment at our Downtown and East Branches. This fee is a one time fee as long your membership remains current and in good standing. Those expiring after 30 days will be considered new Y members.

**Bank Draft, MasterCard, VISA or Discover: An Annual Membership with the convenience of paying with an automatic monthly withdrawal from your savings account, checking account or credit card (MasterCard or VISA).

***Forever Active Adult & Family Memberships:  Age 60 and up – includes all wellness classes at no cost.

Financial Assistance

OPEN DOORS: The YMCA provides financial assistance to those in need through this program. Download

application here or pick up one at the YMCA.

Download OPEN DOORS Application Here

The OPEN DOORS program is funded by your support of the Community Annual Giving Campaign, the United

Way of Hancock County.

Corporate Memberships

The benefits of having healthy and happy employees means more productivity in the work place. The Findlay

Family YMCA offers local corporations the opportunity to set up memberships for their employees.  Contact Daniel Tinch, Membership Director for more information at

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Annual Memberships:

Members who join the Findlay Y and pay in full for an annual understand that these membership types are non refundable.

You may cancel your membership in writing, with a 30 day notice, by completing a termination form at the membership desk.

Guest Policy

The YMCA is a private nonprofit membership organization. Adult members may invite an unlimited non-member as their guests to the YMCA. The following policies and procedures apply:

Member Guest Passes

  • Guest pass usage is recorded and each guest within Northwest Ohio is limited to a total of 3 visits per calendar year. Continued use after the three visits would require joining the YMCA.
  • For those guests of members outside of Northwest Ohio there is a limit of 3 free passes. After the 3rd visit guests may purchase unlimited day passes.
  • A member can be accompanied by either 2 individual guests or one family during a single visit. Member must be present with their guest, to use free guest pass.
  • Guest ages 16 and over must present a photo ID if not accompanied by a adult/guardian.
  • Guest under the age of 16 must be signed in by an adult/guardian if does not have ID.
  • Inappropriate guest behavior may result in a loss of membership privileges for the sponsoring member.
  • Guests must sign in, agreeing to uphold the YMCA’s core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Guest information and photo will be kept on file by the YMCA.
  • The definition of a family guest pass is at least one ‘guest’ parent or guardian with dependent children.

YMCA Members from YMCA’s

Bring your membership card and photo ID and enjoy free access to every Y in the United States. Some restrictions apply. Participants must use at least 50% of the time at their home Y. Members from other Y’s wishing to take programs are welcome to –and can sign up during nonmember registration.


The A.W.A.Y. Program is a national program with the philosophy that when you enroll in a YMCA, you become a member of a nationwide association of people. Whenever you are away from home, on business or vacation, members are warmly welcomed by other participating YMCA’s throughout the United States. *AWAY members are allowed 12 free visits during the calendar year and ½ price guest fee after 12 visits.

Nonmember Day Pass

  • Nonmember pass must be purchased at the Welcome Center of either location. (Limited to 3 visits per calendar year if living within Northwest Ohio)
  • Nonmember outside of Northwest can utilize unlimited paid day passes.
  • Nonmember fee are as followed:
    • Youth (under the age of 18) – $5.00
    • College (full time and under the age of 25) – $7.00
    • Adult – $10.00
    • Family – $20.00
  • Nonmember ages 16 and over must present a photo ID.
  • Nonmembers under the age of 16 must present photo ID or be signed in by an adult/guardian.
  • Nonmembers must sign in, agreeing to uphold the YMCA’s core values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. Day pass user’s information and photo will be kept on file by the YMCA.
  • Failing to uphold the YMCA’s core values will result in immediate necessary action.
  • Up to 3 Nonmember day pass fees may be applied to a membership within 30 days of joining the YMCA.


Severe Weather Policy

Level 1

All YMCA classes will be held. Please use caution when traveling. Check out our Facebook page, go to our website – or sign up for text alerts at – #6 in case of  class cancellations if conditions worsen. 

Level 2

All youth and adult classes are cancelled

In case of deteriorating conditions and  possible delayed openings and building closings continue to check back frequently – Check out our Facebook page, go to our website – or sign up for text alerts at – #6

Level 3 across all of Hancock County

All YMCA events and classes will be cancelled and  facilities will be closed

Buildings will be cleared of members as quickly as possible and parents will be notified to make arrangements to have their children picked up from the Child Development Center

 To receive text alerts for cancellations and closings click here.