Adult Sports

Adult SportsAdult Open Basketball

Games range from full court 5 v 5 to half court. Come down by yourself or with some friends and have a great time. 19 years and up.


Adult Judo/Ju Jitsu

This class will teach more advanced judo techniques. This class will give the student opportunity to enter tournaments, attend clinics and camps.


Women’s Judo / Self Defense

This program for teens and adult women, ages 15 and up will provide you with the knowledge to build awareness, elevate confidence, learn avoidance and escape techniques, perform basic defense moves. The class will also prepare you psychologically and emotionally, enabling you to maintain the state of mind needed to recognize a threat or create an opportunity to get away. Space is limited.


Judo Open Mats

Practice for all Judo members and all Ranks. Cancelled on Tournament Days.


Adult Pickelball

Come join the fun sport for all ages of Pickleball. Below are the days and times that me meet at the YMCA East Branch. All are welcome.


Racquetball – Private Lessons with Video Instruction (1 hour)

Racquetball players from age 10 and up that are interested in receiving personal instruction to improve their game from a National Champion. You will learn and practice ball placement strategies and improve your game. Cost includes court rental fee and must be at a mutually agreed upon time. Leave your name and number at the YMCA to arrange lessons, Using the YMCA’s glass court and viewing balcony, our instructors will video tape you and provide instant feedback on your skills and technique. This is a valuable tool you will be able to refer to while refining your skills.


Tennis – Private Lessons

Private lessons are available to all ages. All private lessons will be paid for 24 hours in advance of your lesson. Private lessons are taught by YMCA employees only.


Ladies Intermediate Tennis

The next progression after the beginner class. Emphasis in this class is put on more live playing of points start to learn how to play the great game of tennis.


Beginner Tennis

Introduction to tennis for those who have never played or wanting to get back into the game. Emphasis is on fundamentals of all facets of the game including ground strokes, volley, serving and game playing.


Intermediate Tennis

This class is a follow up to the beginner class. Still emphasizing on stroke productions, but also doing more playing during the class.


H.I.T. (High Intensity Tennis) Clinic

Lots of balls being fed for a hour of both tennis and cardio. Players of all levels are invited to hit a lot of balls and get your cardio at the same time. A small amount of instruction but a whole lot of sweat!