Well-Being & Fitness

Adult Health Fitness Well-Being20 – 20 – 20

Three workouts in one! Combine cardio, strength and core in 20 minutes segments for a total body workout. A variety of aerobic classes will be performed. Instructors will choose from kickboxing, step aerobics or boot camp style classes.


All-Star Aerobics

A floor aerobic class designed for all skill levels. Class components consist of floor aerobics and strength training.


Balls, Bands & Weights

Tone your abs, and lower body with the assistance of exercise balls, bands and weights.


Basic Cycling

New to cycling? This class teaches you the fundamentals of cycling while still giving you a challenging ride.


Basic Dance Fit

Learn Latin moves, with Latin music in this low impact dance cardio class.


Boot Camp


Bridal Boot Camp


Cardio Fusion

A variety style aerobic class. Instructor will choose from kickboxing, boot camp, step, etc.


Cardio Sculpt Extreme

Two classes in one! 30 minutes of extreme cardio followed by 30 minutes of toning in each class. Instructors will choose from a wide variety of exciting cardio styles.


Coast to Coast Tour

Visit a Y in each state by tracking your cardio minutes. When you reach 25 states you win! See Stephanie Parsons for more details.


Core Ball and Sculpt

Designed to enhance muscular & core strength with a focus on core muscles while using the ball.


Dance Fit

Exciting workout with unique Latin moves and rhythms.


FLEX and Core for MEN

Geared for men! No experience necessary. Basic strengthening techniques to promote core strength, flexibility, endurance and balance.


Grab Bag Workout

Mix up your lunch time workout with this instructor’s choice class. Designed for all skill levels.


Group Cycling

Take your workout to the next level with this powerful interval class. An indoor cycling class based on outdoor riding.



Be one of the first groups to experience Insanity at the Y. This will be the most rewarding and intense workouts you will EVER try! Melt away fat, build a lean, hard body and supercharge your energy.


Kickboxing Fusion



Piloxing uniquely mixes Pilates and boxing moves into a muscle sculpting, core centric interval workout. Guaranteed to whip you into shape using a class format that’s both fun and challenging.


Pound Fit

A full body cardio jam session – combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and isometric poses.


Power Toning

Full body, hard core training with a low impact combo of upper/ lower body toning, and stretching.


Sculpt / Tone

Various methods of resistance training to strengthen, shape and tone the entire body. Combo of weight resistance bands and balls to give you the ultimate workout.


Seniors In Motion

This is a group exercise class that improves your balance, flexibility, bone density, endurance, coordination and mental sharpness and decreases your risk of falling.



The TRX system uses the leverage of gravity and your body weight to perform exercises. You control the intensity and how much you want to challenge yourself!



Multi level yoga class for strength, flexibility, endurance and balance.


Chair Yoga

A safe, low impact workout to enhance flexibility while using a chair.