Rhonda Logsdon

Rhonda Logsdon
Child Development Coordinator

What do you love about your job?

 I passionately love going into the YMCA Child Development Center each and every day.  It gives me a great sense of achievement in working with the children and their families, by creating strategic opportunities in aiding each child with a uniquely designed development plan, to enhance their education and learning experiences.  I enjoy nurturing children as they become more independent and find them truly inspiring, and creative; as each child develops differently based on their individual needs.

 What’s something you want people to know about our YMCA?

The YMCA of Findlay, Ohio, is a community within a community.  The minute you walk through the doors of the Findlay YMCA, you recognize the warm and inviting atmosphere in which, we put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.  We  strive to be recognized as the “Community’s Partner” in providing  a welcoming environment where our youth and family engage in healthy activities, not matter your financial situation.  We are a Community and here to help in any way we can!

YMCA goals

To continue to support and serve our community of Findlay, Ohio,  with all the wonderful opportunities the Findlay YMCA has to offer.

 Personal Information- Family- Hobbies?

I have lived in Findlay, Ohio for many years, being a devoted mother of three children,  and proud grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren; as “Family” means the world to me.   I enjoy Ohio State Football, fishing, cooking and gardening, horseback riding and spending time with my beloved bulldog “The Judge.”  It warms my heart knowing that many years ago, I spent much of my childhood at our Findlay YMCA, and years later, here I am- right back to where I started and able to give back to our community. our youth, the same leadership, compassion and dedication that I was given as a child- very rewarding.